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Who Buys Platinum Rings [BEST]

Focus on quality, not weight. The stores and shops that are going to weigh the platinum and provide you with a quote without looking at details are not the best places to sell your ring. Spend some time shopping it around.

who buys platinum rings

Determining the value when viewed from refining point-of-view is much more straightforward. We refine platinum jewelry based on the weight of platinum available for extraction and the market price of platinum. Platinum prices are determined by troy ounces, so you will need to convert grams to troy ounces. There are approximately 31.1 grams in 1 troy ounce. So your rings weigh about 0.725 troy ounces. Then we find the market price of platinum, which changes daily.

According to CNN Commodities Prices, platinum is $1,538.70 USD per troy ounce. Based on this, the melt value of your 95% platinum rings is about $1,060. Typically we can return 70% of the fine platinum value based on the weight and market price.

Keep in mind, once again, that refiners like us do not take into account the craftsmanship, quality or brand of jewelry items we refine. If you think any of these items are important to the value of your rings, we would recommend first taking them to a jeweler to have them appraised. If you decide to go this route, try and locate all the paperwork you can about the rings such as the purchase receipts and/or purchase certificates.

Hi @Calvin Kinder. 6.3 troy ounces equals 196 grams. This is a good amount of platinum thermocouple. We could pay about 70% of the platinum content that is recovered. Here is some more information about the platinum wire we refine: or you can . Request an estimate for further assistance. Thank you!

Hi Ayushee. Thank you for your comment. The best way for us to give you a value is if you fill out our request form with the weight of your ring. As precious metal buyers we are most interested in the platinum ring band and not the diamond. -us.html

Platinum Milgrain border wedding band. This Platinum band measures 6mm wide and features a Milgrain grooved border design. This comfort fit Platinum wedding band is a great choice for your lifetime symbol of enduring love. Price shown is for the ladies size 5 weighing about 13.97grams. Check out our video for this rings beauty in motion. (shown in yellow gold)

Beautiful Platinum diamond cut curb chain. This fabulous chain measures 2.8mm wide. This platinum chain features a nice tight link, great for a large pendant or to wear alone. You'll love this versatile chain, a very popular chain.

Platinum Sun Earrings with diamond accents. Just in time for summer these delightful, dainty earrings will bring a little shine to your day. Platinum is naturally hypo-allergenic, perfect for those with Gold allergies. These earrings have a closed back and lay flat against the ear.

Our experienced artists are able to create your special creations from a picture or drawing. Been looking for that "special" one of a kind keepsake design in Platinum with no luck? Captivate your style in the worlds most luxurious metal, Platinum. We specialize in Custom Platinum jewelry and work closely with the best Platinum Jewelry designers in the business. We offer an incredible selection of Custom Platinum Chains and Bracelets. Platinum Earrings, Platinum Wedding rings and Semi Mounts. Platinum Only is just that!

Can white gold turn yellow? Yes, and this is a factor that might affect your purchase. Once the metals are combined, a white gold piece will then be "rhodium plated" to give it a whiter, shinier finish that needs to be maintained over time. This is what makes a white gold piece look the same as a platinum piece when they are both in new condition.

To be considered platinum, a piece must contain 95% or more of the metal, making it one of the purest precious metals you can buy. Over time, platinum will fade in a different way. It won't turn yellow, like yellow gold; but, it will begin to lose its shiny finish and build a natural patina (more on this in a bit). Some people actually prefer this look because it will accentuate the brilliance of a diamond and make it appear more sparkly. Similar to white gold, a platinum piece can be brought back to life by a jeweler who can restore its original condition simply by polishing it.

It's no secret that platinum has long been described as the hardest and most durable metal for jewelry. These properties of platinum make it a highly desirable material. Let's dive into this idea a little more. There is actually a difference in the way that platinum and gold handle surface scratches.

When platinum is scratched, the platinum gets moved from one place on the ring to another, and it develops something called a patina finish. This type of finish will make your jewelry look like an antique. Platinum's metal can be moved back in place with polishing because it is not actually losing metal like white gold.

What about the alternative - does white gold scratch? Yes, however, when this occurs the gold is scratched away and is lost, rather than moved around. Compared to platinum, gold is softer and less durable, leading to slight loss of the precious metal over time.

Platinum's weight and durability is one of its strongest assets as a precious metal. It will help hold precious stones in place securely for a lifetime. In fact, platinum prongs are often used in rings made of less durable metals, like white gold.

Because platinum is able to handle scratches and wear and tear more, a platinum piece can last for generations. Platinum jewelry is easy to get looking like new again and can easily be resized or reconditioned if it is passed down.

One of the biggest selling points of white gold over platinum is cost. The average platinum price per ounce as of January 2023 happens to be $1050 versus white gold at $1928 due to the volatility of the market since the pandemic. However, historically, gold has always cost less than platinum, because it is 30 times more rare and mined much less than gold. To be more specific, 2,700 tons of gold are mined per year compared to 80 tons of platinum.

Rather than saying one is superior to the other, we hope this guide gave you a helpful overview on the clear differences in the composition, care, price, and durability of both metals. Some of these factors play a big role in the differentiations between platinum and white gold. Depending on what you are looking for in a ring, you'll have to weigh the cost and overall benefits of each metal to truly understand which is the better option for you.

This article was co-authored by Nicole Wegman. Nicole Wegman is the Founder and CEO of Ring Concierge, a New York City-based fine jewelry brand. Specializing in engagement ring and wedding band trends, Ring Concierge creates a luxury experience catered towards millennials. Ring Concierge offers engagement rings along with earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and anklets. Nicole's work and Ring Concierge have been featured in Vogue, Glamour, Who What Wear, Martha Stewart Weddings, Brides, and Cosmopolitan. Nicole is a GIA (Gemological Institute of America) Accredited Jewelry Professional and holds a BS in Fiber Science and Apparel Design from Cornell University.There are 10 references cited in this article, which can be found at the bottom of the page. This article has been viewed 298,060 times.

Platinum is often called the "king of metals" because it is rare, enduring, and pure. Not all platinum, however, is equal and not all platinum craftsmanship is the same. Because platinum is an expensive choice, it is important to choose your ring wisely. To choose the ideal platinum ring, know about the qualities of platinum to look for, how to search for a ring, and what type of ring would suit you best.

A symbol of luxury, Platinum is a precious white metal used in various styles of jewellery and platinum rings are the most admired in the entire range. Platinum jewellery has evolved and has garnered much more attention over time, along with the changing trend. Platinum rings are not only worn as engagement rings alone, they are being flaunted by women in different designs as a style statement. CaratLane brings forth a stylish and beautifully crafted collection of platinum rings for men and women.

An extensive selection of more than 90 unique platinum rings designs, CaratLane has a stunning range of platinum couple bands, platinum diamond rings, solitaire platinum rings. The platinum rings are priced between Rs. 5,000 to Rs. 75,000, all set in 950 Platinum. The metal has gained popularity due to its durable nature besides its white sheen. Men and women both can carry a smart platinum ring with various attires. Platinum rings can be flaunted on various occasions as well, including evening, work wear, engagement, everyday wear and desk to dinner. Choose your favourite platinum rings available online on CaratLane!

CaratLane offers an extraordinary range of platinum rings for men and women, perfect as engagement bands as well as fashionable ornaments. The portal offers perfection in quality and design, through its easy online shopping services.

Prior to 1975, there was no requirement for an item of jewellery containing platinum to be hallmarked and no common standard regarding purity. Therefore, older pieces of jewellery may simply have a 'plat', 'pt' or 'platinum' markings. These pieces will need to be tested by us to determine the platinum content.

We accept all purities of platinum. Our platinum prices are the same for hallmarked and non-hallmarked items. Testing is usually completed on the day of receipt and for customers who elect to have payment into their bank account, funds are transferred by 6pm on the same day.

If you live in San Diego, gold and bullion as well as platinum coins, silver bars, and other precious metals of the highest quality are available at First National Bullion and Coin. We buy and sell all kinds of precious metals, including platinum, silver, gold, and palladium. San Diego collectors who are looking for trustworthy dealers and exceptional service should give us a call at (858) 304-7580 to speak with one of our precious metals experts. 041b061a72


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